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Criminal and Serious Traffic

DUI/DWI/Serious Traffic

Serious Motor Vehicle violations present two distinctive challenges for those who are charged. First, is the prospect of criminal sanctions, which may include probation, treatment mandates, or even incarceration. To combat this aspect of your case, a comprehensive review of the facts must be undertaken, with a focus on whether an illegal stop has occurred, whether the scientific tests conducted are accurate, and to what extent negotiations should be pursued. The second matter to be addressed is the possible effect this charge will have on a defendant's privilege to drive. The MVA is a separate and distinct entity from the Courts, and although their sanctions do not include incarceration, the outcome of these Administrative Hearings can greatly impact the daily life of the license holder. To address these potential outcomes, your attorney must have expertise in reading/analyzing traffic records, and must also be thorough in presenting your circumstances to the Administrative Judge. The Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC will provide you with the highest degree of advice, preparation, and trial execution to address these matters. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Possession

Drug (Controlled Dangerous Substance) possession can include the possession of illicit drugs (i.e. Heroin, Cocaine, Marihuana) or the possession of prescription drugs. If you are criminally charged with a drug violation, the State's Attorney will attempt to secure a conviction against you, possibly resulting in probation or incarceration. Additionally, a conviction for these charges can affect your future attempts to access student loans, housing, and employment. The outcome of such a case will depend heavily on your ability to assert defenses. Although, the charge may sound straightforward, successfully defending a drug case often involves a complex review of 4th Amendment Search and Seizure theory, and Direct/Constructive Possession Doctrine. These defenses are highly technical, and may escape experienced attorneys who do not regularly practice criminal law. The Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC has experienced attorneys that will explore every conceivable defense, and will be able to advise you in your decision to elect for a Bench Trial, Jury Trial, or alternative sentencing. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

Domestic Violence and Assault Matters

Allegations of violent crime can devastate the reputation and livelihood of the individual charged. Often these matters involve friends and family, while other charges may arise from chance meetings with strangers. Regardless of the origin of the assault allegations, domestic or otherwise, the outcome of the case will largely depend on your attorney's ability to effectively perform the following tasks: subpoena and analyze records, interview eyewitnesses, conduct independent investigations, and properly cross-examine biased or untruthful witnesses. If you find yourself in these circumstances, then please contact the Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC, and let us assist you in this difficult time. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

Theft/Auto Theft

Although theft charges may arise from an innocent misunderstanding, a conviction for such a charge will forever change how others view your trustworthiness. Thefts can range from a low dollar shoplifting case to allegations of possession of highly valuable stolen goods. When faced with criminal consequences, it would be unwise to attempt to simply explain the circumstances without counsel present, considering it is not the prosecutor's or judge's job to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. The trained attorneys at the Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC can help you plan an effective strategy for dealing with these matters. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

Handgun and Weapons Charges

Weapons charges vary greatly. Some charges include carrying or concealing a weapon that the general public does not know is a prohibited object, and depending on circumstances, prosecutors may charge you concerning an object that is by its nature not a weapon. Likewise, even if you have followed all state laws in registering a firearm, you may be charged with the manner you transported or stored the weapon. These matters are taken very seriously by Courts in Maryland. If you have been charged with such a crime, make sure that you employ competent counsel to begin preparing your defense. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

Violation of Probation/Parole Hearings

Very often criminal cases result in supervised probation, with a suspended jail sentence. If someone violates this probation, they face incarceration. Violation of Probation and Parole Hearings do not employ the normal rules of court like those in a trial. The rules governing these hearings do not allow for a jury trial and only partial use the Rules of Evidence. Because of this, a skilled attorney is invaluable in advising you on remedial measures, asserting defenses only applicable at violation of probation hearings, and presenting an accurate version of your probation status. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

Preliminary Hearings and Bail Reviews

There are many proceedings in criminal court that occur before a contested trial. These proceedings can determined if you are held in custody pending trial, or are required to undergo pretrial oversight. Very often the outcome of these proceedings can impact your life as much as the trial itself. More complicated criminal cases may afford the right to pretrial and preliminary hearings, these matters can be crucial in a successful trial strategy. Having an experienced attorney to conduct these proceedings is essential. Please contact the Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC to retain our services. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405