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International Law

Foreign companies looking to do business in the United States need a qualified attorneys adept in international law. The Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC is the right choice to help companies expand into the United States.

U.S. Compliance

New businesses and established companies have to comply with U.S. laws. We will help foreign companies understand and comply with the law as it applies to them. We will assist companies navigate the myriad of laws that apply to foreign companies doing business in the United States. We will explain the federal laws. We will dissect compliance requirements for each company depending on their industry. We will walk companies through the paperwork that is necessary and offer legal advice on how to proceed. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

State Compliance

Foreign companies also must adhere to individual state requirements. If they want to open shop in Maryland, our attorneys help companies learn the necessary requirements of doing business in Maryland. He will file the necessary papers and discuss options for companies. Each industry has a different set of requirements and complexities. The Law Office of David A. Hall will offer legal advice to help explain all the different requirements and complexities.

Services offered to foreign companies include:

  • Filing paperwork
  • Assuring compliance
  • Serving as Resident Agent
  • Representing companies before court and agencies
  • Explaining U.S. laws
  • Explaining Maryland laws

Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405

Establishing New Businesses

The Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC is there for owners starting their businesses for the first time in the United States. They have questions about doing business in the United States. Our firm will answer those legal questions and help them establish their businesses. We know how scary it can be to start a business especially across borders. We want to make the process smooth for owners. The Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC be with owners or partners throughout the process.

We have helped many clients similar to you start their businesses. We offer services to startup companies, such as drafting and filing documents to form limited liability companies, C corporations, S corporations and others; setting up the legal framework for conducting business in Maryland; reviewing employee handbooks to prevent legal issues before they arise; establishing best practices and policies from a legal standpoint; establishing workplace policies; negotiating and writing contracts whether for real property or employees; and more. We will help you protect your intellectual property by aggressively pursuing actions against infringers and through registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Companies looking to expand their business into the United States will be in good hands at the Law Office of David A. Hall, LLC. Email us now for your free consultation or call 410-696-2405